Annual Holiday Baking



Just a few of the finished products. =)

All homemade:
Chocolate cupcakes with peppermint frosting
White cupcakes with buttercream frosting



Clear Proof VoxBox

Another Influenster VoxBox review! I was selected for the 30-day trial of Mary Kay’s Clear Proof Acne system.


The box came equipped with full size samples of the following products:

-Clear Proof Cleansing Gel

-Clear Proof Blemish Control Toner

-Clear Proof Acne Treatment Gel

-Clear Proof Oil-Free Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin

I will admit my skin is nowhere near where it used to be when I was a teenager. I went through many different products when I was younger, including prescription pills that I would have to take as well as having to have blood drawn every month. (Drastic huh?) Well, my skin was awful at that age. As I got older my skin cleared up dramatically. I’m sure it could have been a combination of things; age, nutrition, and such. I also think being consistent with my skin care routine plays a huge role.

I have tried many different cleansing products and really haven’t found one that I’ve been consistent with so of course I was up for trying a new skin care line. Below is a photo of my skin after 6 days. Keep in mind I really do not have much acne to begin with.


On the 3rd day my face broke out immensely! I’ve always heard though that trying new products may cause this so I wasn’t too worried. Not to my surprise, it was cleared up within 3 more days.

The system is super easy to use. Cleanse, Tone, Acne Treatment, Moisturize. The cleansing gel provided a nice lather that gave me the feel that it was actually deep cleaning.  I used the acne treatment sparingly and more as a spot treatment rather than an all over application. I love how clean the toner left my face feeling and the moisturizer picked up the finish with adding a great feel of replenishment. I have been pretty dedicated to my Garnier Moisturizer but I will admit the Mary Kay Clear Proof Moisturizer really stepped up to the plate.

Overall, I think the Clear Proof system is great, but to test out it’s true results, I would be interested to see how it worked on someone with more severe acne. A plus though is the entire set is only $45 which isn’t bad for all that you receive.

“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”


Butler Please, Essie Nails

I absolutely love Essie nail polishes. This one is by far my favorite, called “Butler Please.” Such a cool, deep, blue color. Great for the transition into fall.

nails blue


Eye See You…Without The Makeup

The majority of my posts are about reviews and beauty products; this one is going to be slightly different but still on the topic of beauty.

I recently had Lasik eye surgery done; one of the best decisions of my life! I had worn contacts/glasses for about 15 years. I can still remember the first day desperately trying to get that stupid little piece of plastic in my eye. I would get so frustrated each time my finger would get a few inches from my eye and then boom, my eye would close. Now a days I could change a contact while driving and making a left hand turn (ok not really, but you get the point). Lasik seemed like the perfect solution for me and has been.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, ok who cares..she got Lasik, big whoop. During the first week before the surgery and now the week after, I have been instructed to refrain from wearing any eye makeup. The moment I found this out I immediately freaked out. What? No, you’re kidding right? No makeup for 2 weeks?! There’s no way I can do this. What if people make comments? What if they can’t recognize me? And then I stopped and thought, Mandi, why are you making a huge deal out of this? You’re making an important life change and if you can’t handle not wearing makeup for 2 weeks, we’ve got bigger issues. Plus, would I want to risk an eye infection by disobeying the rules? I don’t think so.

Needless to say, I completely embraced not wearing eye makeup. And you know what? I never received one negative comment or any comment for that matter. I had this huge ordeal built up in my mind. I don’t typically wear a ton of makeup in the first place but I will admit I can tell a difference in how my face appears. I can’t believe I dropped to such a superficial level that I would be so concerned with how I looked. I absolutely love wearing makeup and trying out new styles. I’ve come to realize that painting up my face doesn’t create my self esteem but just helps enhance my already existing beauty.

I ask you to give it a chance. Go a day without your usual “makeup routine.” Can you do it? I believe you will be brought to a whole new realization of yourself if you haven’t tried this before. It’s a great, free feeling that I think everyone should try.

photo 1546082_10100968007757073_2129947323_n




Quick Hit – Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer

Keeping our skin moisturized is incredibly important; especially the older we get. I saw an Oprah episode once that featured an 80-year old woman who looked like she was in her 40’s. The key to her youthful glow was moisturizing everyday. She applied lotion everyday before she walked out to get her daily paper. I’ve always kept this in the back of my mind, thinking, “shoot, I can do this!” I’m not sure if it’s just not meant to be in my routine or what but I could never manage to keep this up.

I’ve seen commercials for the Vaseline Spray & Go Lotion. After a quick spray and a rub into the skin, you’re good to go! Too good to be true? I don’t think so!

lotion 2 lotion 3lotion

Applying lotion has never been so easy. The application is smooth and does not leave a greasy feeling as the appearance would suggest. The texture when sprayed reminds me of spray suntan lotion but definitely does not have the same feeling.  I picked up a bottle in the scent “cocoa radiant.]” which is a nice chocolately smell. Sounds weird but trust me, it blends in nicely and is not overpowering. I believe there were 2 other scents available also. The lotion is absorbed quickly so there is no waiting time between application and getting on your way! This lotion is literally spray and go.

The Vaseline Spray & Go has definitely made moisturizing my skin a breeze!


Hautelook Haul – Nyx

Hautelook does it again! A couple weeks back Nyx was on Hautelook. Need I say more?! I had a hay day. Haha. I wanted to share some of the items I bought.


I’ve always been a huge fan of Nyx. Usually when I make a trip into Ulta I can never leave without buying at least a product. It is so reasonably priced and offers a great quality product. This is the first time I’ve experienced Nyx on Hautelook. From doing a little research and then to my own experience, I found that Nyx will do combo sets. Such a great idea! They will either group together eye shadows, lip glosses, or products for a certain “look.” Let me show you what I took advantage of!

The “It” List – The Naturals


 I am not a huge fan of lip gloss…lip balm girl all the way; but I have heard such great reviews of Nyx Butter Glosses. The “it” List that Hautelook was featuring offered these 5 lip glosses in a convenient pack! Included in the pack:

Mega Shine Lip Gloss – Perfect Parfait, Butter Gloss – Crème Brulee, Soft Matte Lip Crème – Antwerp, Xtreme Shine Lip Crème – Natural, Lip Plumper – Kim

 (And, the butter glosses are all they are cracked up to be..go check them out!)

Deep Intense Glow Blush Set


 I’ve been in desperate need of new blushes and how perfect is this set of 3! All 3 have great pigmented color and can be used to achieve whatever look I’m going for that day. I’ve swatched them to give an idea of intense they are.

Cinnamon, Desert Rose, Cocoa

Butt Naked Collection


 The last thing I probably need is another neutral eye shadow palette but I can’t help myself! I find that I use more neutral colors than anything else. This collection offers various shades essentially of the same colors. 4 out of the 15 colors are shimmery whereas the remaining 11 are all matte. In addition to the eye shadows, a set of 4 blushes and 3 illuminators are included.

15 Eye Shadows, 4 Blushes, 3 Bronzer/Illuminators

(I wish they gave more of a description on the colors!)

I spent around $45 for these items. My Hautelook account says I saved $27..not too shabby! If you’re interested in becoming apart of the Hautelook community and saving some big bucks, check out my link here to join for free. Thanks for letting me get out my giddy girly side by sharing my recent purchase! =)


Hottie Dottie – NOTW

Here’s last week’s nail of the week.

nails 2 nails

Coral Reef-ined – theBalm

Blue Me Away – Sally Hansen